panorama view of Vienna

Vienna Wien | 20.03.2017

Living in the world’s most livable city!

For the eight year running, Vienna has come out on top once again in Mercer’s 2017 comparison of the quality of living in cities around the world. Every year the consultancy firm Mercer carries out the STUDY, which asks expats about the quality of life in 230 major cities worldwide. The study evaluates living conditions according to 39 factors which are particularly important to employees who have been posted abroad. These criteria include the political, social, economic and natural environments, as well as areas such as health, education, transportation and other public services.  Since 2016 Mercer has included personal safety as a distinct category, because political and social stability has a significant impact on the quality of living. This is evaluated by taking into account domestic stability, crime rates and the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.

With development projects worth a total of over EUR 2.7 billion, SIGNA’s investment pipeline for the Austrian capital over the next few years is full to bursting, underlining its position as Vienna’s leading private property developer.