FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, construction work on the PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE and the Hotel Andaz Am Belvedere Vienna has begun in February 2016. You can arrange a personal appointment on site to monitor the progress. To arrange an appointment simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19  or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

From the end of 2018, the entire project is scheduled for completion.

Renzo Piano is one of the world’s most famous architects. The Italian star architect and Pritzker Prize winner is a master of civil engineering. London, Paris, New York – landmarks all over the world bear his unique signature. Highlights include Europe’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard in London, the New York Times Building, the revolutionary Pompidou Centre in Paris and the redevelopment of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

The PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE are Renzo Piano’s first residential project in Austria.

More about Renzo Piano: It’s all in the technology

With total real estate assets of more than EUR 6 billion and revenue of over EUR 3.5 billion from its retail interests, SIGNA has grown to become one of Europe’s leading real estate specialists since it was set up 16 years ago.

SIGNA Real Estate owns and operates a broad long-term portfolio of exceptional properties, and is regarded as an expert partner in real estate services. The business has a total of around 150 employees spread across four separate companies. Visit www.signa.at for more Information.

Yes, a 1:200 scale model is available for you to view. It goes without saying that consultation with a member of our team and viewing the model is completely free of charge and does not represent any obligation on your part. To arrange an appointment simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19 or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

No, our company does not offer financing, nor does it provide specific recommendations in this matter. However, we do have lots of contacts at various finance providers which we would be happy to pass on if desired.

Yes, the Parkapartments am Belvedere will be managed by Palladio Immobilien GmbH, who we have been working with for many years now. See 2.7. SERVICE EXPENSES for more information about service costs.

Yes, provisional energy efficiency certification equivalent to thermal insulation class B has already been achieved, and varies from tower to tower. The final energy efficiency certificate is issued shortly before completion and is valid for a period of 10 years. We would be more than happy to provide you with a copy of the relevant provisional certificate.

Heating energy demand amounts to 26.81 kWh/m².a (average value). See also 1.8. ENERGY EFFICIENCY CERTIFICATE.


Yes, you can reserve an apartment for 14 days free of charge and with no obligation to buy.

A purchase offer is a binding preliminary agreement that serves as the basis of the sales contract.

The sales contract and all other related contracts are finalized and signed at the law office of the purchaser’s choosing.

No, the PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE are commission-free properties. No matter whether they are acquired from SIGNA directly or one of our sales Partners.

The purchase price is to be paid in instalments in accordance with the Austrian Housing Development Contract Act 2 (BTVG2). The outstanding balance will be secured by bank guarantee or an irrevocable payment order. The individual instalments are determined by the real estate trustee and must be transferred to the deposit account in a timely manner.

When purchasing a property  in Austria various incidental costs are applied which are calculated on the basis of the purchase price:

    • 3,5% Property transfer tax
    • 1,1% Title registration fee
    • 1,9% Contract fees

The purchaser is responsible for meeting all incidental purchasing costs.
(status: August 2016)

Operating costs are calculated at EUR 2.36/m² per month excl. heating, cooling and warm water.

Operating costs are calculated according to the property’s pro rata share, based on the title registration entry. Energy consumption is calculated using calibrated meters and billed by the provider directly.

Wien Energie: district heating, district cooling
Wien Strom: electricity. Connection fees for each apartment have already been paid – meaning that no additional costs will result for the purchaser.

Yes, we offer a one-hour free advice from a renowned finance trustee. If desired, we will be happy to provide you with contact details.

Yes, the real estate trustee has many years of experience concerning real estate purchasing processes with foreign buyers.


Within the residential ensemble of the PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE, there are 23 Selection apartments, each built to exceptional standards. They are the cream of an unusual project. Exclusive in terms of their number, size and fixtures and fittings, the majority of them are on the uppermost floors of the three towers, or occupy a corner location in one of the towers, ensuring picture-postcard views of the Belvedere Palace. Ranging in size up to a luxurious 285 m², the apartments match even the most ambitious space requirements.

Depending on structural conditions, some Selection apartments are connected directly with the elevators by secured elevator doors and an additional entrance door (see respective Selection sales plan).
Each apartment can be reached easily by the spacious disabled-friendly elevators, that connect the first basement with the top floor.

Yes, all PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE come with a balcony, loggia and/ or terrace.

The Selection apartments have particularly spacious outdoor areas with breath-taking views. Some of them already come with partial greening and with the possibility for the installation of an outdoor pool (see respective Selection sales plan).

All living spaces are fitted with solid wood flooring (Landhaus-Diele with ca. 220 x 18 cm). Wet rooms come with stone floor tiles. Please contact a member of our team if you require further information: simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19  or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

We can also send you a copy of the building and interior design specification which provides additional details.

No, but the kitchen areas have all the necessary connection points (high-voltage connector for electric oven, dishwasher connections etc.). SIGNA has negotiated special rates for buyers with a number of kitchen studios. If you require further information, simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19 or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

Flooring: stone tiles (large-format, 30 x 60 cm)
Walls: stone or ceramic tiles (large-format, 30 x 60 cm) and paint finish
Bathtub/shower: fixtures and fittings, as per sales plan
Other bathroom equipment includes a wall mounted sink, a wall mounted WC and a heated towel rail. The toilets have been fitted for the retroactive installation of Geberit bidets.

If desired, we can also send you a copy of the building and interior design specification which provides additional details of bathroom and WC fixtures and fittings. Simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19 or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

Yes, the Selection apartments that come with large enough wet rooms and meet the technical requirements, have been prepared for the retrospective fitting of a sauna if desired (see respective Selection sales plan).

While repositioning walls is not out of the question, various factors must be taken into account (shafts, sprinkler systems, cooling ceilings etc) and it may result in additional costs.

Special requests regarding surface coverings can be accommodated, provided they are technically feasible, are submitted and commissioned in good time, and do not breach official regulations. Any additional costs incurred must be paid in accordance with the relevant agreement in the sales contract. Changes in layout that affect the sprinkler system, cooling ceiling, etc. must be assessed and approved by the building services consultant and the architect.

Safety and security are paramount at the PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE. Each apartment comes with a fire retardant, burglary resistant and sound proof front door, that complies to safety standard 3, as recommended by the Vienna police department. Each apartment is also equipped with a digital video intercom with touchscreen. Additionally, the Selection apartments come with an alarm system (reed contact securing), that can be enhanced as required (alarm signal, security service alerting etc.).

The following thermostat-controlled equipment is planned to help create a pleasant ambient temperature:

    • Sun shades: external electrical sunshades, central wind monitor, daylight-based control system, operation via smartphone possible
    • Ceiling cooling in recreation rooms
    • Underfloor heating

If desired, we can also send you a copy of the building and interior design specification, which provides additional details. Simply call +43 (0)1 908 19 19 or send an e-mail to selection@signa.at.

All Selection apartments come with an intelligent home automation system / smart home system as standard. The basic system includes the following functionality:

    • Control of heating and cooling
    • Control of the external blind system
    • Door contact sensor monitoring with e-mail or text message alert
    • Voltage monitoring
    • Home automation remote control via smartphone or tablet

The property has connections to the Telekom Austria and UPC Telekabel networks. Empty ducts are provided for occupants who wish to install a (shared) satellite dish at a later date (one dish on each roof).

Each building has the following communal areas (among others):

    • Mail boxes: The mail boxes are located in the porches of each building. A second entry leads to the secure inner area which can only be accessed by residents. Each tower will also have two or three larger boxes for sizeable deliveries. These deposit boxes can be opened by entering a security code.
    • Laundry room and WC: A laundry room with two industrial washing machines and two industrial dryers, as well as a WC for use by residents, are located on the ground floor of each building.
    • Basement storage compartment:  See 3.17. BASEMENT STORAGE SPACE
    • Garage:  See 3.15. PARKING SPACES and 3.16. ELECTRIC PARKING SPACES
    • Pram and bicycle room: The ground floor of each building contains a separate room to keep prams (strollers) and bicycles in.
    • Residents’ room: There is a multi-purpose room situated on the garden level (second floor) of building W2, which is available for use by all residents.
    • Children’s play areas: Each building has its own children’s play area – each of them designed for a different age group. There is also a larger children’s play area at garden level between buildings W2 and W3.

The entrance to the underground car park, which will also be used by the hotel, is on Alfred Adler Strasse. Its exit is on Arsenalstrasse between towers W1 and W2. Parking spaces will be available to buy or rent on a 99 year lease, with subletting and transfer of usage rights permitted. Monthly and annual contracts will also be offered. In addition to car parking spaces, there will also be motorcycle parking bays and larger spaces for people with disabilities.

Yes, several of the spaces will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Each apartment has a storage compartment in the basement fitted with a waterproof Schuko socket to connect a freezer, wine cooler or e-bike. All compartments are large enough to accommodate two bicycles (suspended).


The PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE are being built right next to the Belvedere Palace with its extensive baroque formal gardens, in the heart of the Quartier Belvedere – a new, up-and-coming district. The apartments are a stone’s throw from the extensive Schweizergarten with the 21er Haus museum, diverse sections for running and strolling, a family outdoor swimming pool and dog areas, the Arsenal area as well as numerous tennis courts and the impressive building containing the Museum of Military History.

The old town can be reached in next to no time, with the very centre of the city just three underground stops away, where countless bars and restaurants, coffeehouse culture, galleries, concert halls and a world-class shopping experience await.

    • 21er Haus museum: 20th and 21st century Austrian art, film screenings, lectures, performances, talks by artists – all looking to engage audiences in dialogue. The concept behind the 21er Haus covers everything from temporary exhibitions, the Blickle cinema, the 21er Raum, a sculpture garden and the Kunstbuch Salon.
    • Belvedere palace and gallery: A leading collection of Austrian art and extensive parklands– one of the best examples of baroque architecture in the whole of Europe, the Belvedere Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A favourite haunt of art fans, joggers and people out for a gentle stroll on a Sunday afternoon, it is minutes away from your front door.
    • Additional cultural institutions nearby are: Museum of Military History, Vienna Konzerthaus, Akademietheater, Das Kasino, Künstlerhaus, Musikverein, Vienna State Opera and Albertina.

The Schlossgarten Belvedere, Botanical Gardens and Schweizergarten are perfect for strolling, jogging, cycling, etc. as well as for relaxed picnics. Moreover, the Schweizergarten and Arsenal area provide numerous tennis courts, a children’s pool and dog areas.

An excellent network of bike paths leads directly to further spacious green areas of Vienna, like the Viennese Prater or the Donauinsel. The nearby Hauptbahnhof main railway station is the perfect starting point for day trips outside of the city, for example to the popular Wachau area.

Vienna’s nearby Hauptbahnhof main railway station not only links the Quartier Belvedere with the rest of the city, but also the rest of Austria and Europe. The huge selection of 90 shops in the BahnhofCity offer excellent amenities 24/7.

Destinations are also easy to reach by car (via A23 expressway) or via the excellent bicycle network. Starting at the Hauptbahnhof, the Vienna International Airport can be reached by train or by car within 15 minutes.

The historic old town of Vienna with its exclusive shopping streets, like Goldenes Quartier, its traditional Viennese Coffeehouses, like the “Sacher” next to the Vienna State Opera, and its diverse cultural institutions, like the Albertina, Burgtheater or the Spanish Riding School, is just a few underground or tramway stops away and can also be reached by car or bicycle in next to no time.

Schools and kindergartens, doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies in the immediate vicinity of the PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE add to the location’s appeal.